The Healers



Members of the Charleston community who, in my eyes, are Healers. I truly believe we can all learn from each other’s stories, hardships, and experiences.

Boxing Coach/Community Activist

Al "Hollywood" Meggett

“Take my record, the neighborhood around the Charleston Boxing Club was all drugs in 1983 and I have helped to turn that area around and change everything. There were drug dealing and killings. My consistency and involvement in the community has made a huge difference. I teach the kids how to be seek things and love one another."

Mother, Scholar, Transformation Activist

Drisana "Dru" McDaniel

“One of the things that I say time & again, is that I am curious and most hopeful about what can happen when we explore our radical interconnectedness and realize healing together. I think of healing as an ongoing work, and there are ways that we can contribute to that work. Healing is a direction and a practice that has the potential for restoration. It is not the purist, intact, strong body or mind.."

Yoga Instructor & Breathwork Facilitator

Ashley Cox

“My passion is to empower people with knowledge + tools to take personality responsibility for their healing.
I am so deeply fulfilled to be a pillar of support for individuals who feel lost + alone on the journey of their soul’s evolution. Through my life experiences, education, + research I have developed a breadth of wisdom + tools to educate folks in their path to self healing.”

Grammy Award Winning Musician

Charlton Singleton

“Healing can bring peace of mind, body, and spirit. Healing can bring closure, which allows you to continue moving forward. HEALing is good for your overall HEALth. Healing makes you feel good."

Certified Rolfer, Embodied Movement Educator, and Founder of the Sarayana Yoga Method

Kelly-Jean Moore

"Humans are built to thrive and adapt so my work is about helping people to remove obstacles and shift awareness. There is an optimal environment for natural function and expression to arise and we (my clients and students) work together to create that environment."

Space creator

Caryn O'Hara

"I’ve always felt a deep commitment to bringing to the surface generations-old patterns (mind, body, emotions, spirit) in order to deconstruct, release, and eventually replace them for a more enjoyable way of living. For the last 15 years I have created ways to support others through their own healing process by teaching yoga and meditation, offering trauma release therapy, co-directing women’s personal development gatherings, and even hanging wallpaper (a great way to lift emotions!)."

Musician & Charleston's first Poet Laureate

Marcus Amaker

"Healing is an important part of my life because it offers an opportunity to safely deal with shadows. Anytime I'm feeling sad or anxious, I sit in that energy until I'm ready to start unpacking it. Healing occurs for me when I am still and listening to ambient music like Jefre
Cantu-Ledesma's album, Tracing Back the Radiance."

Superior of Mepkin Abbey

Father Joseph Todesco OCSO

"I see myself as a healer. As a Trappist monk, my whole life is seeking God in deeper and deeper prayer.  This brings me into a life of mediation between God and all others. I believe in the power of prayer and now as one who seeks to witness to this connection with God on many levels,  healing prayer is one dimension of God's presence in the world through Christ and His Spirit."

Nurse Practitioner, Artist

Kiira Mendenhall

"As a Nurse Practitioner, I am the prototypical definition of a healer - and this has always been something that has been important to me. But I do not think that you need to be in a traditional profession of service to heal. We are all healing in our own unique ways . To many, this may feel like an isolating experience, when in fact it is the great human equalizer: this desire to be seen as a complete person before we are fully healed."

Pastor, Hebron Zion Presbyterian Church

Reverend Patricia Bilgen Jones

"Healing is an important part of my life because it allows me to minister to others without hesitation or fear of being vulnerable. I am constantly improving myself through my work, prayer, reading, and being of service to others. I cannot encourage people to grow or heal if I am not willing to do the necessary work to heal myself. As a pastor, it is my job to care for and walk alongside the souls God has entrusted to my care, no matter what season they are in."


Lisa Dunlevy M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

"Like anyone's true life's work, healing can feel effortless, and the path to it as if it’s destined. I cannot imagine not being of service to others.  I am honored to support any human in positive transformation. My core values include service and hopefully making this world a better place. Words and beliefs can hurt or heal, they can open or close worlds.  Helping someone recognize this and/or remove their beliefs/stories that do not serve the individual is my most rewarding work. "

Colon Hydrotherapist & Digestive Health Coach 

Jessie Maher

"I navigate people through extremely vulnerable situations while imparting levity and fascinating tid bits about the digestive system that (hopefully) inspire positive healthful action out of awe and respect for the bodies we inhabit."

Physician Anesthesiologist and Mother of Isabella, Oliver, and Gabriel

Emily Nelson MD

" I try to heal through kind words, personal connection, respect, and listening. My patients have healed me during the pandemic by their courage, fortitude, grace and by reminding me how grateful I am that my family and I have our physical health. My patients’ stories renew my capacity to have compassion. Their stories motivate me to try to heal the psychological wounds we have all suffered during the pandemic due to uncertainty and isolation. Their stories give me hope."

Musician, She Returns from War

Hunter Park

"I see myself as a healer through music for many reasons but the main one for me is putting to music my experience with the day to day, sonic mysticism, that familiar feeling when you hear something that conjures up a memory or feeling jumpstarts emotions in most people. And starting to feel, even on the smallest scale is when you start to begin the healing process. I think it’s important to strive towards becoming a healer because it in turn heals that which in you needed the same."

Movement Facilitator

Kate Counts

"Healing is important part of my life because it is the foundation of the interconnected dance  between the personal and collective realms of life. Our well being (physical, mental, and emotional) are deeply connected to the well being of the earth, as WE heal, the Earth heals. We can begin to see the importance of living and fighting for a sustainable planet where all ecosystems are allowed to thrive and support the growth of life."


Ryan Stasik

"Let’s be honest.  Life can be difficult at times.  Music has always been an escape to make me feel better about any tough situation I have been in. Music heals the heart."

Biologist with the Shellfish Management Section of DNR

Henry Devega

"Healing the environment is important to me because I have spent my entire life living off of the land and enjoying the beautiful natural resources that this state has to offer. It's the least that I can do for the environment that has meant so much to me and been such an important part of my life since I was born. I want everyone to be able to have the opportunity to enjoy it as much as I have over the years. We ALL have out part to do to help but I figure if I do a little more than my share that it couldn't hurt!"

Certified Warriors at Ease Yoga Teacher

Sarah Jones

"My main focus, as a yoga teacher, is to be of service to the men and women who have served, or are actively serving our country. The life-long practice of yoga and meditation is about creating space for ourselves to regulate our central nervous system, cultivate awareness, breathe, and rest. Magic happens in this space. When someone living with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and/or layers upon layers of trauma experiences that magic, the individual empowers themselves to heal themselves. Yoga is a vehicle on the journey to healing - I'm just the tour guide."

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class, Fleet Marine Force/Surface Warfare Leader, Warrior Surf Foundation

Jesse Miller

"My healer route was a calling. I chose to join the Navy as a hospital corpsman to serve as medical support for the marine corps. Healing is important in my life because I have needed it as much as I have given it. My job in the military was one of the most eye opening, humbling, terrifying, and awesome experiences of my life. It was one of, if not the only job in my life that I would say I was the best of the best at. As the corpsman oath states “I hold the care of the sick and injured to be a privilege and sacred trust." Those words continue to echo in my brain, and ring true to this day."

Retired USMC, Leader, Warrior Surf Foundation

Harold Verona

"I don’t really see myself as a healer. I see a healer as a medical term. I think of myself as a leader, and I always felt comfortable leading. Leading helps me because I need to lead by example, which helps me heal myself."

(From L to R) Michael, Stuart, Mo, (seated) Maudell

Dell'z Restaurant

"Healing is becoming a mainstream buzzword. For us, as a family and individually we express ourselves & heal in different ways. A true healer knows that he or she is no healer at all. We guide others in their own healing process, some days we heal people with a simple smile or good vibes. Some people find healing in a plant based pizza with an edible flowers on a tough day.  Something our Mother, Maudell has taught us is to ALWAYS lead with love, both for yourself and others, which is the ultimate source of healing."

Board Certified and Registered Art Therapist and Founder of the MUSC Arts in Healing Department

Katie Hinson Sullivan, MPS, LCAT, ATR-BC

"As an art therapist, I am humbled each day watching patients use creative expression to find paths to healing, recovery, and transformation. Creating art in and of itself can be therapeutic and relaxing. In art therapy, individuals have the potential to bring further meaning and insight by exploring various media alongside therapeutic goals in a safe way and supportive way. When words are hard to find, patients and I work together to let the creative process do the talking."


Landen Ganstrom

"I aim to heal through my ingredients and cooking techniques. Food is the number one supplement for your body. With organic, whole food ingredients like vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, fruit, and lean meats you get all of your vitamins and nutrients that help keep your body healthy. These are the buildings blocks that I base my food around so that I can help other people in life be healthy and heal themselves from within. Staying healthy through good food practices and whole ingredients has a much greater impact on the body than people give it credit for!"

Health Technician

"I just like helping people. That’s what I do."

Joe Evans
"The Music Man"

Cultural Consultant

"To be frank, before this series, I did not consider what I do to be "healing" in any way. But what I recognize is that my ability to highlight people who are not normally seen, bring awareness to cultural issues, and conduct call-to-action movement around said issues can be seen as healing activities. I accept the responsibility that comes with [being a healer] and look forward to furthering my community work for years to come."

KJ Kearney

Medical Doctor

"I see myself as a healer as a teacher, student, surgeon, and patient."

Dr. James DeTorre MD

Registered Nurse

"It is incredibly fulfilling to give comfort and a sense of dignity to those that are sick and at their most vulnerable."

Jon Gross RN

Wellness Curator, Yoga Guide

“Healing is important to me because I can teach through my lived experience. As I heal I can guide others to the strength of their very own healing powers.” 

Ashley Limehouse


“Healing is an integral part of my life. Being able to care and advocate for each patient until they get better and go home or stay with me until their last breath is one of the most fulfilling things I could ask from life. Despite the stress and pressure being in healthcare can bring, providing care for others brings me a sort of healing as well I suppose.” 

Samantha Martin

Founder, The Works a Sweat Studio by Sarah Frick 
Co-Founder, The Works Cycle

“I think healing is a two way street. In my rooms I share my stories in hopes for others to feel more inclined and free to share theirs. When we tell our stories and connect from a place of raw honesty and love we in turn heal each other.

As a healer it is important for me to be part of the process, part of the experience, part of the pain, part of the recovery, part of my own growth and part of someone else's strength along the way. We are each other's teachers.” 

Sarah Frick

Sports Massage Therapist

“Coming from a creative background, I see myself as a healer in a creative way. I aim to create wellness through massage, to relieve stress and pain in everyday life, so people can live a healthy lifestyle.” 

Nancy Montgomery

Assistant Professor

“I see the deep sense of connectivity one develops with people and understanding their burdens are important for me to be a healer. “All beings are like my being” is something Tamil literature taught me. Relieving the pain and burden of someone brings more meaning to my existence. When the person being healed understands that there is scientific reasoning behind why the healing method should work, they are more convinced and connected with the healing process. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others, and when those experiences could heal someone I am doubly joyful." 

Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian, PhD

Therapy Animal Coordinator

“Therapy animals are masters at deciphering a human’s emotional confusion. Gifted with empathy, they can detect sadness, fear and loneliness. After experiencing more than 20 weeks of canine therapeutic intervention, I have a better understanding now of the magical power and importance therapy dogs provide as part of a human’s healing process. This valuable life lesson has not only electrified me with ideas on how to enhance an already robust and successful program – therapy dogs have made me realize -through them - “healing others” is very much a part of my life.” 

Cathy C. Bennett


“I see myself as an ambassador for the Sacred who offers a reminder that God’s love, peace, and restoration are available during the difficulties of life.” 

Frank Harris

Chief Physician Executive
Professor of Orthopedics and Family Medicine

“A healer to me is someone who commits themselves to being of service to others. Being a healer is a meaningful way to have an impact and help others, their families, and our communities. Being a healer is a privilege – it is important to be worthy of and earn the trust that others place in you. A healer is someone who listens to a person’s story, and sometimes becomes part of that person’s story. A healer should continually strive for excellence in their craft.”